Vibrant Weave Tray Set

Sabaii Grass,



Length: Large - 50.5
Medium - 42.5
Small - 34.5 Breadth: Large - 30
Medium - 27.5
Small - 22.5 Height: Large - 4.8
Medium - 4.5
Small - 4
Weight(gm) : Large - 540
Medium - 465
Small - 320
Material : Sabaii Grass
Number of pieces in the set: 3

Regular Price: ₹2,000

Special Price ₹1,200

Typically delivered within 7 days

The hands of West Bengal tribals transform the humble grass called 'Bobei Dauda' by the natives, into shapes that are both artistic and functional. Treat your home to a colourful explosion in the form of natural fibrous grass and ace craftsmanship. Stack these trays in a corner of your kitchen, or give them their own spotlight in your artefact showcase for a vibrant feel.

  • Process of Making

    Anatomy of the Product

    Process of Making

    Now when the grass is ready, Talli: Bundle of sabai grass is held and tied together with another coloured dead palm leaf with the needle. They start weaving from the base and proceeds further on the top weaving it in the same manner. After this they do the edging i.e. when they close the stitches on the brim of the basket. Then they make the handle of the basket and stitch it on to the basket to complete the final product....

  • Anatomy of the Product

    Process of Making

    Anatomy of the Product

    Type of Material:Sabaii Grass
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