The Royal Trumpet

Papier Mache,



Dimensions (cm):
Length: 72 Breadth: 39 Height: 77
Weight (cm) : 16005
Material : Paper

Typically delivered within 7 days

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It?s floral, it?s stunning, and it?s an elephant. If you?ve ever hankered after a well-crafted artefact that is the perfect union of quirky, ornamental and eye-catching, it is this. The Papier M?ch? elephant makes for a perfect canvas upon which, scenes from lives of the kings of yore come alive. Vathlahit, a special kind of emboss style painstakingly depicts what living like a royal truly was!

  • Process of Making

    Anatomy of the Product

    Process of Making

    Making of paper pulp. Obtained by soaking or boiling paper to which glue is then added. One makes use of paper strips glued together with adhesive; on a form for which support is needed on which to glue the paper strips, reinforcements with wire, lightweight shapes, balloons or textiles may be neededTraditional Adhesive Use of mixture of water and flour or other starch, mixed to the consistency of heavy creamNow-a-days in most of the industries, wood powder or even metal powder is used to improv...

  • Anatomy of the Product

    Process of Making

    Anatomy of the Product

    Type of Material:Paper pulp, Acrylic colour
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