Shiny gold square platter

Kansa Work,



An example of traditional Kansa work from Odisha, this piece was hammered into shape from molten bronze just as it started solidifying. Approximately one square foot in size and shaped to prevent items from rolling off it, it can be used to serve anything you desire.

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  • Process of Making

    Anatomy of the Product

    Process of Making

    Different metals are mixed together and worked into ingots, the ingots are heated to make them malleable, and are then beaten into the desired shape. The process of heating the metal alloy and beating it further into shape continues till the required shape and size have been achieved.The metal is beaten with an iron hammer that is usually between 500-700gms in weight. Usually 4 ingots are taken one of top of the other in a set for the process of heating and beating the metal and later taken out ...

  • Anatomy of the Product

    Process of Making

    Anatomy of the Product

    Length: 12.5
    Width: 12.5
    Height: 2.5
    Type of Material:Metal
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