• Royal Tangerine Coasters

Royal Tangerine Coasters



Box - Diameter: 12
Coaster - Diameter: 8.5
Box-Height: 4
Coaster- Height: 0.5

Box - 355
Coaster - 75 each

Material : marble
Number of pieces in the set: 4

Regular Price: ₹7,298

Special Price ₹5,838

Typically delivered within 7 days

Let your table become the centre of attraction with these marble coasters. Inlayed with semi-precious stones, the floral base of these Mughal-inspired additions to your home radiate out into a dance of flames, symbolising energy and the centre of the solar system the sun. Rest easy when you place anything on them as marble has been chosen as the material of choice for its combination of aesthetics and hardiness.

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