Life at CuroCarte

Imagine that your day at office is about to come to a close. Suddenly the main lights go off and party lights come on, music fills the room, and your bosses start dancing to the beat. This is how the CuroCarte office was inaugurated. The burning desire that fuels this ambitious and innovative venture had been present for a year before the launch, yet that day felt like the start of an exciting journey. Be it the mystery box opening challenge, the impromptu singing sessions, or the crazy brainstorming for new ideas, ‘fun at work’ is the norm here, and the last thing one should expect at CuroCarte is a mundane day with nothing to remember.

Peer into one of our rooms and you might think a game is on — a woman is gesturing to a puzzled- looking group of onlookers, while a man is drawing shapes on a whiteboard. Now look closer; this is neither dumb charades nor Pictionary, it is a brainstorming session underway in our ideate room! Wander around and you’ll see designers working on visual concepts, marketing folk ironing out an engagement strategy, or our CEO discussing the latest episode of a TV show with a fresh hire. On the other side, a flash is going off in the photo studio — it could be a photoshoot for some exciting new merchandise. Funny and inspirational quotes on the walls provide the colorful, vibrant and ever- lively office an interesting backdrop. Take a quick café break anytime to break the monotony, and mix it up with stimulating conversation before getting back to work. This office works hard, and plays hard.

To explore exciting opportunities, drop in a mail at [email protected]