Fern Bowl

Coiled Bamboo Lacquer, Vietnam

Painstakingly made by coiling strips of bamboo and giving them the desired shape, each handmade bowl is unique and contemporary in its simple personality.

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  • Contemporary
  • Exclusivity

Form of leaf motifs painted with the colour of gold and the glossy finish comes from days of skilled handwork. This unique piece lends an contemporary edge to interiors.

  • Process of Making
    Anatomy of the Product

    Process of Making

    Bamboo can be coiled to make particularly extraordinary products. Prior to starting, the bamboo is cut and soaked in mud for three months to make it bug resistant.Once it has been washed, it is split into thin strips and fed through a wringer in order to remove excess water and to corrugate the edges.The artisan then painstakingly places one piece after another inside of a form, beginning at the outside and working in towards the middle. A 15 inch (38cm) platter would take approximately 3 hours ...

  • Anatomy of the Product
    Process of Making

    Anatomy of the Product

    Length: 24
    Width: 24
    Height: 12
    Craft : Coiled Bamboo Lacquer
    Colour : Green
    Placement : Counter Top

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