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The tea set at hand is the result of a very delicate operation of painting a mixture of mineral colours onto white porcelain to create a Benjarong ceramic — if the mixture is too thick, it won't be fired in the kiln and if it is too thin, the colours will be faded. Take pride in possessing this gorgeous artefact; brew and serve the finest, aromatic tea in a this tea set that is as unique and artistic as your sensibilities.
18-karat pure gold used while hand painting elevates the elegance in all Benjarong pieces.

Diameter: 11
Height: 6

Diameter: 15.5
Height: 2

Sugar Bowl:
Diameter: 10
Height: 9.5

Diameter: 24
Height: 16

Teapot Stand:
Diameter: 13
Height: 8

Milk Jar:
Diameter: 11
Height: 10

Length: 21.5
Breadth: 13

Weight (gm) :
Cup: 130 each
Saucer: 195 each
Sugar bowl: 220
Teapot: 720
Teapot stand: 485
Milk jar: 180
Platter: 250

Material : Bone China

Number of pieces in the set: 17