Elephant Candle Stand

Celadon Pottery,


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Taking on the form of the magnificent elephant, the soothing blue colour give it layers of serenity and sophistication. It's organic form and interesting detailing make for a piece where aesthetics and contemporary come together in perfect harmony.

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  • Heritage
  • Contemporary

After discovering the Kaolin (of the most important materials used), the King of Siam decided to bring some of the craftsmen from China and established workshops in Siam Kingdom.

  • Process of Making

    Anatomy of the Product

    Process of Making

    A moist dough of raw earthen ware clay is made in pug mill which is then kneaded & ''Thrown-on-the-Wheel? for moulding. The pieces are dried in open air, until hard. Once hard, the surface is hand-engraved, carved or painted with intricate designs and motifsThen the pieces are ''Bisque Fired'' in a tub kiln to a temperature of 800o C & dipped in a special Celadon glaze. Finally, these pieces are fired at the ideal temperature range of 1,260o to 1,300o C in a...

  • Anatomy of the Product

    Process of Making

    Anatomy of the Product

    Length: 19
    Width: 19.5
    Height: 30
    Type of Material:Clay/Ceramic, Glass
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