Dappled Zorba Inlaid Vase

Lacquer Vietnam,



Inject a quirky and offbeat vibe into a corner of your home with this postmodern polyresin lacquerware vase, hand-crafted in Vietnam.

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  • Heritage
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A story which symbolises the use of colour in the art form is that lacquer-ware was coloured black by using burnt wood, which represents the underworld, red using mercury : the earth and yellow using arsenic : the heavens. These represent the three important forms of life.

  • Process of Making

    Anatomy of the Product

    Process of Making

    First of all, the selection of suitable wood for every Vietnamese lacquerware: rose, cherry or walnut wood for the furniture,screens or jewellery boxes, ebony for statues; jack fruit wood for boxes, bowls, plates and plywood for paintings.The wood then will be filled with a layer of natural lacquer which gradually seeps through to a core of wood to make it harder and against any rotting by insects.Besides, the raw lacquerware also covered with a piece of gauze to prevent any crack or curving sha...

  • Anatomy of the Product

    Process of Making

    Anatomy of the Product

    Length: 67.4X10.5X28
    Type of Material:Polyresin and Lacquer.

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