Glass making was discovered by potters in Mesopotamia, an area corresponding to today?s Iraq and Syria

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The Roman historian Pliny attributed the origin of glassmaking to Phoenician sailors. He recounted how they landed on a beach near Ptolemais (in modern-day Israel), propped a cooking pot on some blocks of natron (a naturally-occurring alkali substance) they were carrying as cargo, and made a fire over which to cook a meal. To their surprise, the beach sand beneath the fire melted and ran in a liqu...


The glass is produced either by melting the glass itself (which constitutes a major part of the raw material as at least half of the production goes as scrap) or putting raw material Soda Ash and Silica Sand {Silica Oxide) in the Regenerative Furnace. The decision to mix a few chemicals in the raw material depends upon the required physical qualities in the glass produced.Colours are added and ten...

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