• Benjarong Seal Tea Set

Benjarong Seal Tea Set


Teapot-Length: 23, Breadth: 13, Height: 15, Sugar -Length: 10.5, Breadth: 10, Height: 7, Milk- Length: 12, Breadth: 7, Height: 10, Cup -Diameter 10x7.5, Saucer-Length: 14, Breadth: 14, Height: 1, Tray-Length: 15, Breadth: 21, Height: 1

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The nature of Benjarong is in its meaning, five colours. This tea set was created by overglazing and enamelling a porcelain base. Bring Eastern luxury into your home, serve tea to your guests in Benjarong cups, an exquisite cultural symbol from Thailand.

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