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These Celadon bowls will win your guests over with their distinctive rough textured glaze. Celadon, which literally means 'Green Stone', is also called Greenware, and is an important cultural artefact of Thailand. This set will elevate the style quotient of any table. Let these traditional ceramic bowls take the pride of place at your table, while your friend inquires about where you got it, and how it was shipped home.

Dimensions (cm):

Length: Platter- Diameter 37
Small Blossom - 20.5
Large Blosson - 30 Breadth: Platter- Diameter 37
Small Blossom - 14
Large Blosson - 20 Height: Platter- 4.5
Small Blossom - 4.5
Large Blosson - 6.5
Weight(gm) : Platter- 1930
Small Blossom - 335
Large Blosson - 735
Material : clay
Number of pieces in the set: 4